Oath of Secrecy
Nanotech device used to enforce the non-disclosure clauses in some contracts or government operations.

An Oath of Secrecy is a small container of tasteless liquid that contains a special complex of nanomachines. When drunk, the nanomachines migrate to the host's brain and restructure the connections between memories or knowledge of classified or secret information and the volitional centers that control speech and other forms of communications. The upshot of all this is that after taking an Oath of Secrecy a person will still retain knowledge of the information covered by the Oath but will be utterly unable to muster the volition or will to disclose, discuss or even hint at the information that is restricted and covered by the Oath. Other variants are the Oath of Allegiance, Oath of Vengeance, Oath of Friendship and Oaths of Marriage. Some are used by corps., governments or churches while others are used in the ceremonies of some clades or sub-clade variants.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 08 February 2002.