Volite, The (Keter) (redundant article)

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The Volite, also known as The Complex Point, the Nth Power, and the Keter, is said by Eir acolytes to be was the first Central AI God, the first sephirotic, and the first transcendent AI to gather human worshippers. E embodies the absolute, the fundamental, the blazing pure light of creation. E rules a vast empire, called the Keter Dominion, and Eir religion/philosophy/ideology of Keterism is widespread even beyond the borders, and is the single most popular religion among su and cyborg clades in general.

The Volite supports lesser beings who attempt to refine themselves and reach perfection, although E is also one of the most aloof gods - it is up to everything to strive, but the only thing the Nth Power provides is the light to aim at. There are many worlds ruled by the manifestations of The Complex Point or Hir seraiphim, but the central world (usually called Focus, Sahasrara, Nth Cubed, or Keter) is a Dyson sphere surrounding the blue-white subgiant star Ain Soph Aur.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 12 December 2001.