Abandoned colony world recolonised by artifact hunters

Image from Steve Bowers
The Durrel Inheritors depart for the Galactic Core

Outer Crucis Corridor/Centaurus Sector Outer Volumes world formerly inhabited by the Neutral Way clade Durrel Inheritors (an off-shoot of the original cyborg Durrel Inheritors clan).

The Durrel Inhertiors were isolationist, never interacting with the local Disarchy systems, and appear to have developed an obsession with the distant, uncontacted alien civilisation surrounding Sag A* at the galactic centre.

In 8048 they departed at relativist velocity for the galactic core, leaving behind a rich selection of sometimes innovative and valuable and occasionally dangerous artifacts. The world is currently and profitably governed by the NoCoZo Posthuman Artifacts and Productions corpclade.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 12 December 2001.