(pron. vak-seem) Any meta-meme or memeticity which confers resistance or immunity to one or more memes, allowing that person to be exposed without acquiring an active infection. Also called an immuno-meme. Common immune-conferring memes are "Faith", "Loyalty", "Scepticism", and "Tolerance".

Every meme-complex includes a vaccime to protect against rival memes. For instance:

* Conservatism: automatically resist all new memes.
* Orthodoxy: evaluate all new memes against the standards of a pre-existing memeplex that is not itself subject to revision.
* Science: test new memes for theoretical consistency and (where applicable) empirical repeatability; continually re-assess old memes; accept schemes only conditionally, pending future reassessment; ignore memes that cannot be subject to this schema.
* Radicalism: embrace one new memeticity, reject all others.
* Nihilism: reject all memeticity, new and old.
* Nuage: accept all esthetically-appealing memes, new and old, regardless of empirical (or even internal) consistency; reject others.
* Negentropism: reject all memes the acting upon which that might result in unnecessary increase of entropy.
* Luddism: reject all memes pertaining to advanced technology.
* Progressivism: adapt (parts of) new schemes to the old ones.
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev, modified from Glenn Grant
Initially published on 12 December 2001.