There are many long-running virtual worlds which can be easily accessed by corporeal nearbaseline humans for entertainment purposes. One of the oldest formats of this kind of entertainment is the V-Life or Virchlife world. V-life scenarios are differentiated from games in that games, even those played on servers between millions of virtuals, have clear sets of rules; V-life scenarios have no rules, and constantly change according to the whims of the directors and the preferences of the participants. Once inside the V-life world, it is generally impossible to tell the difference between participants who are avatars of corporeal persons, and participants who are entirely virtual constructs.

Some V-life scenarios only operate at specified times; others are running continually. The most popular baseline V-lives in operation at the moment include Outer Volume: Colonyship, Beamrider, and The Prims (The Prims being available 24 hours a day, although viewers are limited to non-interventionist roles).
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Text by Michael Jones
Initially published on 31 December 2006.