Ptaphric Magic Potter
Zoeific-MPA godlet, late Re-evaluation Age to early Central Alliance Period, author of several thousand species of sentient lifeforms.

Although eir creations vary widely, from splices based on combinations of actual terragen or alien lifeforms, to totally mythological or fabulous beings, all have in common the fact that they are physiologically impractical outside special environments, and ill-adjusted to life in the civilized galaxy.

For example, the Sweet Syrup Angel People (not to be confused with the higher successful angel clade) have relatively tiny wings (wingspan less than body height) and diminutive pectoral muscles that make it impossible for them to fly in even lunar gravity. In addition they can only eat a special form of nanofabricated glucose. The Green and Blue Spotted Wifflepiffles have exaggerated sexual organs (often up to a third of total body mass) that are decorated with green and blue polka dots. And so on.

The Potter was feted by galactic high society and the big media corps, who were impressed with the novelty and entertainment value of eir creations. Answering eir critics, and in keeping with eir MPA heritage, the Potter considered the act of creation to be challenge enough. During the Central Alliance Period the Potter announced that e had grown bored with creating neogens of this nature, and merged with a passing ISO known as Darwin's Konstant.

While some of eir species died out, many others were preserved, sometimes with the help of enthusiastic S<1 biologists, anthropologists, and culture vultures.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 19 December 2001.