The UberWatch is a low-tech input device utilized by various semi-regressed clades throughout the known volumes. It is a bracelet or, much more commonly, a watch designed to read the positioning of a person's hand both in relation to their main body and, via neural pickups (usually non-intrusive, occasionally intrusive), the positioning of fingers, wrist, etc.

It allows for standard writing, drawing, etc, but usually without requiring a stylus or the like, instead making a 'fair copy' online either as digitization of the expected strokes, or via some form of handwriting parser. Of course, this is typically purely an input device, requiring some other device to display the data, such as an eyebrow piercing mounted HUD.

The earliest known model of this tech apparently was created around 210 AT, but there are hints of yet earlier models which have apparently not survived the years. It is a fairly bulky (approx 3cm thick!) device which fits snugly around the forearm, weighing approximately .5 kg. Interestingly, it has a true anachronistic 'virtual keyboard' mode, in which paired UberWatches could be used to pick up the finger motions involved with using a historical device known as a 'keyboard'.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 03 April 2004.