Wup, Positive Effects of
Despite its apparently antisocial consequences, it is thought that wup is considered useful enough for a number of empires to keep (and even encourage) it, even if it annoys low level transapient and sophont Negentropy Alliance minds.

It is possible that the Negentropist minds of the rank of power or minor archailect and above may quite like wup; what a lower singularity dislikes, a high toposophic may actually enjoy.

If Wup is properly formatted, it is an actual Negentropic-positive effector. i.e. - it cuts entropy down. It does this by being a 'bad example' with strong societal responses, and highly-visual side effects from its practice. It also is a pressure-valve on society - instead of rioters, you get Wuppistas. And, it also inures people to biology. Scatological humor looses much of its forbidden appeal around a Wuppista,for example....
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    It has been suggested (although this has never been confirmed) that the whole Wup movement originated as a flame war among high toposophic level minds. "An infestation of Wup" (general term, like "a gaggle of geese") may have been among the insults AI might use on each other.
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Development Notes
Text by John B and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 13 January 2002.