White Rabbit

It takes you to Wonderland!

White Rabbit
Image from Steve Bowers

Pharm manufactured and exported to some degree by The Rat Barrel.

White rabbit is supposed to be a psychic enabler. It is rumored that in some small, or specially attuned percentage of a baseline/nearbaseline population it actually functions as such on a low level. Its main and obvious effects are a calm, mellow, almost melancholy feeling that is never-the-less described by some as "almost unbearably beautiful". There are some immediate but non-disorienting visual and auditory hallucinations associated with the ingestion of white rabbit. The stereotypical habitual user enjoys being in crowded areas (i.e.. parties, clubs, bars, etc.) with many talking people but prefers to just be aware of surroundings rather than engage in conversation.

White rabbit comes in the form of small, nondescript white pills which are often sold in an easily grasped metal tin. The common logo is a projected holographic rabbit (white) that bounds down a dimly lit space station corridor and turns a corner, out of sight. Share-pharm (the equivalent of share-ware), home grown, and generic versions of white rabbit are available, but if you don't get it from an official guild vendor make sure to get the RXXI content analyzed at your local mass spec.

N.B. - In a minor corporate scandal, but by no means an incredible surprise to most, it was eventually discovered that the rabbit used in the holographic logo was in fact a field mouse severely tweaked to look like a rabbit.
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Development Notes
Text by Peter Kisner
Initially published on 12 December 2001.