Smart matter cloth. Wer-weave consists of a network of linked specialized nano- and microbots programmed to emulate the properties of cloth (a sort of limited utility fog). Contains a huge library of pre-programmed designs, textures and colors and can switch from design to design on command while the user is wearing it. This means that a tattered backpack, T-shirt and jeans can become a business suit and then evening wear (or hiking wear or sleeping wear for that matter) all with the touch of an interface or DNI command. More advanced versions can also be customized with the addition of designs created by the user using built in design software and can contain communication and computing resources that allow the weave to act as an interface to the local networks and beyond.

Wer-weave not in use is often designed to tightly pack itself into configurations known as fabricks. Fabricks are easily storable as most variants of the threadlike microbots that make up wer-weave can alter their volume by up to two orders of magnitude. A fabrick of dimensions 20 x 10 x 5cm can expand to completely cover an adult baseline human in thick clothing. Fabricks can also serve as stores for specialised forms of wer-weave that can be merged with existing clothing as needed. Variants include: extreme temperatures, vacuum rated, and light armour.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 05 May 2005.