Golden Tower Builders, The

Extragalactic alien civilization known to have built planetary megastructures

Golden Towers
Image from Steve Bowers
The towers, or arcologies, on AA M 33 - 250 612 -II are most easily observed near the day/night terminator where they cast long shadows
Detected by the Argus Array in several worlds in the "B" arm of the Andromeda Galaxy, representing a volume of space of some several thousand light years across, the Golden Tower Builders represent one of the furthest confirmed sightings of an exclusively planetary civilization. What is known from careful analysis and hyperturing enhancement of the images is that they are a civilization that constructed megastructures not unlike very large Terragen arcologies, except for the size (some 50 to 100 km in height). No electromagnetic transmissions have been detected, nor have any space bound megastructures or ships large enough to appear on the Array's senses been seen. Because of the difficulty of observation at such distances a lot of suppositions remain tenuous, but it seems that the civilization has not expanded in the several thousand years it has been observed, although one of the towers may have been modified, showing there is still activity.

Golden Tower virch
Image from Steve Bowers
A detailed simulation of the Golden Tower civilisation can be visited as part of the Silent Planetarium
The name derives from the fact that the first Towers, detected on the terrestrial world AA M 33 - 250 612 -II shone a golden colour in the rays of their sun. However, greenish, yellowish, brownish, and bluish towers have also been detected.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 October 2001.