Golden Submersibles, The

When the exploration submersibles of the Guanche colony were lost in the fall of the Hosoko Hegemony, it was assumed they had succumbed to energy deprivation and ceased to operate; instead the subturing minds of the subs instinctively looked for the only repair facility on that planet, and in a daring landside raid, captured it and dragged it into the ocean. This allowed them to repair themselves and reproduce; and the thin layer of gold which the assembler used to protect the many working parts of the submersibles built up over time to become a gleaming protective shell. Some few individuals of the Golden Submersibles were sighted at sea by the Plasherfolk and pirates of the islands, but they remained a tall tale until the sapient Pliosaurs of the Archosaurian Empire found the submersible fleet, still surveying the ocean floor as they had been instructed to do seven hundred years before.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 31 October 2001.