Golden Stirner, The

The Golden Stirner
Image from Anders Sandberg

Keterist military-economical ISO. The Stirner is merely five kilometres long, but has a core of stabilized magmatter housing a major computation environment. It can deploy up to a 1014 millimeter-sized fighters, as well as reconfigure the entire hull into a phased array gamma laser. It was created in 9655 at Aleph Absolute to act as a mobile "representation of power" in Keter border areas, as well as a practical trade outpost for MPA and Cygexba allies. Since its creation, it has mainly patrolled the border towards the Serpens region, according to rumor scouting for evidence of the Ships of Law. Its affirmation of hyperevolutionary Keterism has made some claim it is aligned with the Immanentization Crusaders, but there is no evidence to support such an assertion. It has two sister ships, the Silver Stirner and the Palladium Stirner; these are currently trade-force envoys to the NoCoZo.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 31 October 2001.