Yeuyaug Colony on Luna
Image from Steve Bowers
Yueyuan colony in the Early Interplanetary Age
Literally "Moon Garden" in Old Chinese. Partially subterranean city located on Earth's moon (Luna). Established by the Syndicate of Chinese Provinces in 161 AT (2130 c.e.) as a scientific research station (primarily in low-G agrisplice-culture, bionanotech, and hydroponics), it created quite a controversy when the Syndicate closed it to all but Chinese citizens.

Later it converted to a low-G recreation and rehabilitation facility and the ban was lifted. The city survived the Technocalypse thanks to an efficient defence network. The Treaty Org made a special target of Yueyuan during the Moon Wars, despite the fact that Yueyuan had welcomed many refugees after the Great Expulsion.

Now mainly a quaint historical locale (especially the Old City, a popular tourist jaunt).
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev; original by Kevin Self
Initially published on 15 December 2001.