A moderate-size (~50 kg) subsophont with no aggressive tendencies. Their primary claim to fame is their extremely potent and broad-applicability hallucinogenic and opiate-like perspirations. Most Terragen biont beings, sophont or subsophont, coming into physical contact with Zinfal tend to become massively addicted in very short periods of time. Many small clades have 'gained' one or more Zinfal and rapidly converted their economy to the production and protection of their herd.

It is unclear quite where the Zinfal hail from, but various sentients (mostly hylovecs, due to their innate resistance to such biochemical stimuli) investigating the Zinfal state that there appears to be significant genetic engineering behind their creation. It is also noted as anomalous that most instances of Zinfal infestation appear to have a very similar meme structure amongst the symbiotic sophonts. There is no clear meme vector for such a spread amongst the many disparate clades so afflicted.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 10 July 2003.