A common insectoid pest. "Nois" is a contraction of the old Anglic word for annoyance. Nois have become a common pest across the cycler network, especially in regions just beyond the Negentropic sphere, having spread accidentally or deliberately by cycler vessels. They are a small flying pseudoinsect with a communal nest, similar to Old Earth's ground-dwelling wasps but lacking the sting. They are mildly toxic to most Terragen bionts if ingested in quantity, and can colonize any exposed food source in an extremely short time. Genetic assays of nois indicate that they either evolved naturally or were engineered with such subtlety that their authors cannot be identified. They breed rapidly, subsist on almost any organic material, adapt rapidly through micro-evolution, and are toxic enough to deter most natural predators.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 10 December 2004.