Originally known as Shelley

Image from Steve Bowers
Lux (the small blue moon at right) and its parent world during a superflare

Superflare star, occupied by various tweak clades

Star Kappa1 Ceti
Type G5Vve superflare star
Distance from Sol 29.87 ly
Colonised 1st/ 1503AT (colony Shelley) abandoned 2544 AT
2nd/ 4469 AT (colony Lux)

Kappa1 Ceti was first reached by Parthene explorers in 1503, a group of all-female tweaks who reproduced by parthenogenesis. Long fascinated by astonomy and cosmology, the Parthenes set up their habitat on Shelley, a Ferrinian type world near this young, active star, in order to study the sunspots and flares. Shelley was named after Mary Woolstoncraft Shelley, an early female science fiction writer.

However, the severe flares in this system caused a gradual decline in the health of the women astronomers, and after one disaster too many they left (many of them transmitting their mind-states to Bolobo).

The system was left untouched until the Version War, when refugees settled on Lux, a moon orbiting a Eujovian Type gas giant. In order to protect themselves they dug underground habitats. Over the years the Lux society grew, and developed into a major underground culture. When Lux reconnected to the Wormhole Nexus in 6467 the Lucians became known as experts in low gravity underground architecture and ecology. Regarding allegiance, the Lucians are mostly non-aligned, with some MPA leanings.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 03 December 2001.