Luke Monastery Raid, The
In 10128 in Hyttinen (NoCoZo) the SCLArmy, a radical militant activist splinter group from the Sentient's Clone Liberation Association launched a terrorist raid on Luke Monastery, the local Church of the Original Sacrament monastery, killing several of the worshipers and priests (fortunately they all had Backups) and freeing the clones, who were then recortexised, had their intelligence boosted, and were then released.

Despite Church protests, the terrorists responsible could not be extradited, as they had taken refuge in Jarribon Autonomous Habitat. Eventually the Church used its resources to take independent legal action, hiring some of the best lawyers in the NoCoZo. The SCLArmy were forced to pay extensive damages and legal costs, which resulted in their parent body, the Sentient's Clone Liberation Association (who were sympathetic, but worried about bad publicity) withdrawing support. The radicals were bankrupted and forced to sell their habitat, which was turned into a theme park by Real World (a large nano- and fog- world entertainment corporation) and a replica of the Luke Monastery built alongside where the daring raid - incomparably more bloodied and dramatized - was played out for funseekers, all of whom could take part as either SCLArmy activists, Church worshipers or ecclesia, or Clones. Here Church legal action was of no avail, and they themselves had to pay court costs and damages incurred to Real World by "malicious" counter-memetics

Although the Luke Monastery Raid was the largest successful raid by clone-rights groups on the Church of the Original Sacrament, it was by no means the last. Most of the Church monasteries have since increased security. This only infuriates the activists more, and observers feel there may be more bloodshed before long
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 03 December 2001.