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A Terragen religion that emerged after the Technocalypse, taking the very human and long-suffering figure of Job as their ideal.

A Terragen religion that emerged after the Technocalypse. Former followers of Christianity, Judaism and Islam came together to discuss and debate the true nature of God and Its relationship with Its creatures. Their discussions eventually led them to review the Old Testament character Job, and regard him as a wise and brave man for standing up to the Almighty and questioning "His" love and decisions. They accepted what most of the laity had known for centuries - that Job was appealing precisely because he was not idealized, but simply portrayed as a vulnerable human. Although Jobitarians are rational, liberal deists who do not regard God as interventionist, they also regard Job as one of the ideal spokesbeings for all sapients, and encourage their followers to question the integrity of God in times of trouble in order to strengthen their faith. Jobitarianism still exists in many parts of the Terragen Sphere, and may have gained a strong foothold in some human polities of the Archaipelago following the Attacks of 8400.

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Text by Darren Ryding
Initially published on 23 January 2008.