Jilunan (system)

Image from Steve Bowers
Before terraforming, Jalore was a cloudy lifeless gaian world.

Jilunan is a Dominion outpost system in Sagittarius, known for the famous Fubas Clone Goo Disaster. This system has become a tourist attraction because of its large population of clones, known as the Fubasii, all derived from a single individual,

Primary: Jilunan Prime, originally an F4-type star (with the catalog number YTS 2145-098-3). Later reduced to F8 by sun mining for wormhole construction and exotic matter production
Planets: Originally ten main planets.
Rilia (hot superterrestrial) 4.5 x Earth mass, extensively mined and converted into orbiting megastructures)
Ocannerth (hot selenian) 0.3 x Earth mass (converted to shell world)
Briminie (euvenusian) 0.9 x Earth mass (now terraformed)
Jalore (lifeless gaian) 1.4 x Earth mass (now terraformed)
Rarrisoe (arean) 0.5 x Earth Mass (now completely dismantled for construction material)
Tiovis (eujovian) 52 x Earth mass (rings and many moons dismantled to build habitats and other megastructures, others paraterraformed)
Sonsuter eujovian 39 x Earth mass (rings and many moons dismantled to build habitats and other megastructures)
Dalmoni eujovian 31 x Earth mass (many moons dismantled to build habitats and other megastructures)
Chabos Ice/rock world, mostly dismantled
Keiruta Ice/rock world, partly dismantled

Affiliation: Dominion (Surya-Ramydos Prefecture)
Region: Outer Volumes (Sagittarius sector)
Colonised: 8925 AT
Population: 2613 billion Fubasii (augmented nearbaseline humans) Also 4 billion modosophonts from other clades, and a similar number of tourists (numbers vary)
Wormholes: 3
Beamrider Stations: none
Industries: tourism, narcissism, alife collections, hedonics, fine wine, sculpture, architectural templates, live performance, pop music industry, concrete and speculative philosophy, Fubas personoid virtuals, amat production

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 25 November 2001.