Camoflage Suit, Janusuit
Photonanotech full-body camoflage suit or skinware covered in janusoptic transceivers

The janusuit is sophisticated Optical Phased Array stealthware widely used by military, police and government undercover agents, organised crime, and libertarian groups. Because every janusoptic has a dual function - able to both detect and transmit electromagnetic radiation, the suit renders its wearer invisible to ultra-violet, visual, infrared, and microwave detection. It also has potent laser capacity (hence the wearer of a janusuit does not require any additional external weapons). Janusuits are far more reliable than the chameleon suit, but requires dedicated hyperturing functioning. There are also fully sentient janusuits, and some of these janusuits have been given their freedom, either by their owners or by ai liberationists and hackers. Janusuits do not offer complete protection. Countermeasures include nano cloud, sonics, and interferometry
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 January 2002.