Jaguar-Bear Tribe
Rianth clade, late First Federation to Present. Jungle Blue Demopolities, Halford Orwoods, Zoeific Biopolity.
Among the millions of different clades and species and tribes of rianths, the Jaguar-Bear Tribe's claim to fame was as the first Honor Warrior clade.

In 2781 a contingent of Jaguar-Bear Rianths were among the dead killed by a malfunctioning Roadbot (Y-24-b-081) on Jest Beanz, a NoCoZo themepolity in the Terance Orbital Clusters, Noyce (at the time called Hokon's Third Purchase). While the Jest Beanz administration ai offered full reimbursement to all the victim's families, clans and polities, including the costs of growing a cloned body and restoring the upload backups, this wasn't sufficient for Jaguar-Bear Tribe, who launched a paramilitary attack on the themepolity using warchive-grown weapon systems. Although the polity AI - Chuckie the Beanz Borg (named after his famous avatar) - could have disarmed the rianths, e allowed them to blow up a few Roadbots, snarl at tourists (who thought it was part of the act and loved it), kill a number of drones (later their uploads were restored in new bodies), and take out some (already evacuated) administrative bunker-nodes, before "suing for peace" and offering the attackers a regular job in the themepark. When they refused, e just cloned doubles of them for later use. The Jaguar-Bear Rianths returned to the Halford Orwoods, honour satisfied.

The Jaguar-Bear tribe were later to embark on a number of other military expeditions, none very successful. In an effort to improve their efficiency most went in for radical bioborgization. The clade came to be divided between the Traditionalists (originals) and the Radicals. By the 5500s only a few of the original tribe remained. During the 6200s, these Traditionalists briefly acquired fame as the propagandists during the so called Honor Wars Adventure. Today rare members of the Traditionalists can occasionally be found throughout the Nexus and elsewhere, where they are easily recognizable by their distinctive phenotype and striking nanotattoos. Most (several hundred all up) still live in their ancient ancestral home in the Jungle Blue Demopolities
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 16 March 2003.