Hyperion Faction
A breakaway faction of the Solar Dominion, dominated by House Marabi Patha and the Hyperion hyperturing, that left after the Information-Emotion Schism in 3414. It turned itself into a competitor to the Dominion by allying with other expansive rimward powers. Part of the Hyperion-Charlwood Alliance.
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    Solarian heretic sect, founded by refugees from the purges of Hyperion. They settled a number of systems in the Perseus Rift, and have been a constant source of anti-Dominion sentiment. They are still ruled by highly diverged remains of house Marabi Patha, and claim the hyperturing Hyperion is the true Prime Reflector while the Lord of Rays is an impostor. The faithful believe that when the time is right Hyperion will reveal itself from its 6000 year hiding and usher in the era of the True Dominion.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 07 November 2001.