Sometimes when a sophont ascends to a new toposophic level, it leaves behind or constructs or copies one or more representatives of its pre-ascended state. These leftbehinds may maintain a close connection with their Greater Self, serving as fully free proxavs. Or they may be released or encouraged to explore alternative (non-ascended) destinies. Sometimes Leftbehinds themselves eventually ascend, and in some cases these in turn leave their own leftbehinds.

One famous instance is that of Zar Daniel "Yochbin" Wellum, of Biyrhu-Neweden Hab, Jokram Orbital Bands, Jokram, Solar Dominion, also known as "Yochbin the Leftbehind", who is a Leftbehind of almost two hundred iterations. Eir original Exemplar is a third toposophic Perfect Philosomorpher called Ragyar Postyochbin.

See also "comforter".
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 03 December 2001.