Any of a diverse subclass of small to large extinct Terragen amphibia, Devonian to Cretaceous period (most common during the Carboniferous and early Permian), characterized by the labyrinthine pattern of folding of the tooth enamel. The largest forms attained 5 meters and more in length, but most were smaller. Some 6,500 species have been successfully lazurogened, ranging from the Devonian fish-like Acanthostega to the giant flat-headed Triassic Mastodonsaurus, but no more than twenty species have been fully provolved as yet. The largest selection of labyrinthodonts is to be found in the huge Westphalian D Orbitals of the Aristophane system (Sophic League), where all 2,680 known and unknown late Carboniferous Terragen species have been lovingly recreated in their original environments.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 03 December 2001.