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In Cyberhermeticism, the third from the bottom toposophic grade. In Neohermeticism the Archailect of the NoCoZo; or the NoCoZo as a whole. The name Hod is sometimes given to the mysterious archailect of the NoCoZo, the emergent phenomenon known as the Invisible Hand of the Market.

Neohermeticist doctrine teaches that Hod is the god of communication, rationality, trade and especially information. While Tipharet is centralised, Hod represents the networking, dynamist, laissez faire approach. Hod's domain has trade relations with just about everyone, universities and attempts at interstellar internets abound and lesser beings are given extreme freedom. Hod has no center, but a complex web of trade/information-routes.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 07 November 2001.