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Kelarc and its large moon, Flux
Star Hip 39748
Distance from Sol 164ly
Luminosity 0.787 x Sol
Type G2V
Constellation: Puppis
RA 08h07m25.37s
DEC -32°00'32.5"
Colonised 2701AT

Planet Kelarc
Type Lifeless ringed Gaian, now terraformed.
Diameter 11109km
Moon Flux
Diameter 2199KM (also recently terraformed)

Colonised by Sophist bionts and aioids in 2701, this lifeless world was a relatively easy candidate for terraformation. The surface conditions were warm due to a moderately high CO2 content, but biological sequestration reduced this to a comfortable level while introducing free oxygen to the atmosphere for the first time. The dry moon, Flux, was used as a temporary refuge while the planet was prepared.

Soon after arrival a group of religious aioids living in the dust ring surrounding Kelarc began work on a new synthesis, a meta-philosophical tract that became known as the Reformulation. This tract drew together religious, spiritual and philosophical principles from a very wide range of sources, including ontological studies, ecumenical Christianity, Universalism, Buddhism, Hindu Vedanta and Yi Guan Dao.

The Reformulation became one of the most important influences on the development of the Sophic League, and also influenced the Concord Ontology as well as the later ComEmp New Ontology.

Kelarc was fully terraformed by 3400, and has become an important place of pilgrimage among the League Worlds. The moon Flux was paraterraformed during the 9th millennium using a thin atmospheric film derived from Mysterian xenobiological templates.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Additional Material by Steve Bowers (2017)
Initially published on 29 November 2001.