Haliki Movarion
A baseline human artist of rare intellect and creativity, born on the Metasoft reserve planet Jafalgia in 5400. Movarion was one of a minority of baseline humans who both enjoyed and understood Gyzantium Gyzaarno's epic Baseline Bob, and many characters and scenes from the saga can be found portrayed in his numerous virch sculptures. The eccentric artist's unconventional use (by baseline standards) of nanotech implants led to his contraction of neuroflux at the age of 37. While obviously treatable, a cure for this extremely narcoleptic (and eventually fatal) condition required a total neurological modification plus a complex array of permanent implants.

Rather than become a mere cyborg, Movarion decided to "go all the way" and become a hypersapient posthuman in 5437, selling most of his property in the process. Whether or not his ascension succeeded is not entirely clear, although some have suggested that he became the enigmatic hypersapient artist known as the Quizical.
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Text by Darren Ryding
Initially published on 11 March 2003.