Hack, Hacker, Hacking, Cracker, Cracking
Infotech intrusion enthusiasts who try to penetrate the firewalls and icescreens of other datasystems. Most hackers are harmless or benign, although there are a few destructive ones.

Hacking has been a popular pastime among Cyberians for thousands of years. However, even more than other professions and pastimes, hacking is toposophically stratified. No hacker no matter how clever is going to be able to defeat/circumvent the cyberdefenses of a higher Singularity level mind. This means that if Cyberia wants to crack the SI:1/SI:2 firewalls protecting Corporation X's databases they are going to have to talk an SI:2/SI:3 or higher cracker mind into doing the job for them or providing them with the tools to do so. And will an SI:3 level mind risk bringing down the wrath of an SI:4 manager intellect (to whom the SI:3s hacking will seem both glaringly obvious and incredibly easy to trace) by causing any really serious harm to the company databases or systems? No matter how good a hacker is, there are minds above em to whom eir best efforts will be utterly, totally trivial.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 26 January 2002.