Also known as N-Fest, Fest, Enfa, etc., this meal takes many forms. The most common is a nearly tasteless 2x5x8 cm brick of putty-like material of a pastel brown, green, or gray. The putty is a 'smart substance' which activates on contact with various digestive enzymes to form 0.1 - 0.5 cm (depending on catalog number of Infestation being ingested) worm-like structures. These structures burrow through the body causing pain, swelling, and discomfort as would parasites of a particular species. Most forms of Infestation deactivate often leaving the body after a predetermined period of time.

Although Infestation would seem at first to be a deviously crafted substance intended for vengeful or malicious purposes, it is more typically used consensually in search of experience and/or enlightenment. Although the first true Infestation was available during the third millennium, it did not gain in popularity until late in that era. Its main use has always been among tweaks, splices, and posthumans who lack the ability to experience sickness through conventional means, although there are several more baseline religious groups who ritually ingest Infestation often with purposes related to the concept of "sacred pain".

External application Infestation, commonly known as Lice or Kuutez, is also available. Unfortunately such external applications appear more prone to abuse and non-consensual application to third parties. Several nano and cellular gauge versions are also available (ie. Pestilence and Plaag), although specifically tailored organic parasites such as viruses and prokaryotes are somewhat more common at this level.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 27 February 2002.