While literal physical immortality remains a contentious point in a universe that, although vast, is still finite, the wonders of modern medical nano mean that all citizens of the Civilized Galaxy, to say nothing of the higher toposophic ai, are potentially immortal; at least on angelnetted worlds. See also life-extension, afterlife.
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    A person who opposes death, and who lives their life in such a way to continue their physical (or virtual) existence indefinitely. Many of the early cyborgs and transhumanists were amortalists.
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    This is a rather inefficiently hidden 'hider' clade due to their activities, which is convinced that there can only be a certain amount of what they term "life force" in the universe at any one time. That is - for a child to be born, somewhere something must die. They are fanatically gathering information from any available source regarding birth and death rates, especially for non-sentient creatures. To date, they've been able to prove their "life force" equations on a double-handful of scattered date periods. (Like many fanatics, once they have 'proof' of their belief they do their best to ignore new information which might upset their previous proof.) They are known to commit murder synchronized with the expected birth of their children, just to ensure that the equation is followed.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 10 November 2001.