Interstellar Mining Corporation (IMC)
Late Federation multi-solar mining conglomerate.

The IMC, which developed from humble beginnings during the early first Federation period, and employed cutting edge and innovative SCM and nano-mining techniques, was for some centuries the leader in solid, liquid, and gaseous resource extraction in outsystem worlds. At its height it controlled tremendous wealth among Federation worlds and colonies. The ruling SI:1 hyperturings however, were unable to adapt to the shift of power brought about by the rise of the SI:2 and higher hyperturings during the Establishment and Empires ages, as well as the change of resource focus from Matter management to Energy management.

The corporation was subverted and broken up during the 2500s, although a number of its superbrights, superturings and hyperturings, and even nearbaselines migrated outwards to the then Periphery to establish daughter corporations, fiefdoms, and hereditary houses, a few of which lasted in recognizable form as late as the middle Empires period.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 10 November 2001.