Dura Grass
A neogen plant developed as a floor covering. Dura Grass is a mossy grass-like plant that is designed to create a soft spongy surface for walking. It grows to a set height of 1-3 centimetres depending on the species of dura grass. It is highly resistant to low light conditions and thrives easily with minimal tending. Dura grass is also a common replacement for grass in parks and other open areas. It will only grow on a special fabric-like underlay. This prevents it from spreading into local ecologies. It is crush proof and grows quickly, capable of repairing most low-level damage overnight. It absorbs dust and various pollutants, aiding most life support systems. It can also be found covering roads and nature trails on many worlds and habitats that allow ground based transportation.
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Text by James Ramsey
Initially published on 19 February 2003.