Duoden Torus
Duoden Torus
Image from Steve Bowers
Star HIP 74815
Distance from Sol 95 ly
Luminosity 0.02x Sol
Type M0
Constellation Libra

Wrecked structure orbiting Hip 74815 at 5 AU. The structure is a torus of diamondoid meshwork 3 kilometers across, with a small radius of 43 meters. On the meshwork are computing nodes similar to 5th century terrestrial quantum cellular automata, but much more advanced; construction of this structure seems to have started no earlier than 1120 AT. The defenses appear similar to the Charybdis installation, suggesting a common origin.

The ring appears to have been partially destroyed by an antimatter explosion nearby. By the time First Federation probes arrived, in 1499, all retrievable data states had been lost.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 09 October 2001.