Fog Wood
Famous series of interactive novels coded by Il Casi Tranden an SI:2 sentient from the Byron Habitat in the Sophic League.

Fog Wood deals with the existential angst caused by the discovery that after centuries of no contact, the original on which the uploaded hero's is based has become eir complete moral and ethical opposite. Its deep handling of S>1 identity brought it to the attention of the core worlds, winning the Solarian 'Noticed' award for unenlightened works containing potential in 9192. Tranden became an instant petillionare, however eir predilection for drug abuse continued unabated, resulting in eir obsolescence in 9197 after E took a spiked transcendence virus. The virus, instead of enhancing eir intellect, instead regressed it to baseline levels. In the following months Tranden was scammed out of eir fortune by various S>1 sentients, including the rights to Fog Wood. Tranden suicided in 9198 at the release of the Virch interpretation, optimized for the baseline market in the NoCoZo, which turned this masterpiece into a pulp action comedy thriller.
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Development Notes
Text by Ben Higginbottom
Initially published on 23 January 2002.