A huge Area in the Ninetiin Cluster, which was originally designated by the Nanloon Empire as a gateway to most of the areas in their empire, and also to other parts in the galaxy. Originally settled and Built around 3350, during the Age of Empires by the Imperial Nanloon Defence Authority. The area was the main hub for a wormhole, which drove a huge amount of traffic. When the original wormhole could no longer sustain the amount, two more were built.

Gateway fast became a centre or meeting place for practical almost every empire and civilization, its huge instructor so became an important and highly sustainable that it was noted it was 5th largest in the Known Galaxy for its commercial and military value. The Imperial Nanloon Gateway Defence Authority employed 1.3 million members and thousands of patrol ships and a sizable military fleet, capable of defending itself from invaders.

Unfortunately when the Version War broke out Gateway too was mostly destroyed, even with its large defence forces, and most of trade and what Gateway became to stand for was lost. When it was reopened in 5145, it never reached the status it enjoyed, before. Although much of the Nanloon Empire still stood, but with a reduce size and spread.
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Text by Grant Thomas
Initially published on 01 November 2001.