Dorminy IV

Important NoCoZo system.

Evening on a Wayward Lakeside
Image from PortalHunter
Dorminy IV-B's large moon, Dorminy IV-B-a, seen from the surface of the planet

Name: Dorminy IV, YTS 331019-11881
Type: G5V
Luminosity: 0.8 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 2929 ly Constellation Vela (near NGC 3033)

Dorminy IV-B
Type: Arean (now terraformed)
Diameter: 8089 km
Moon: Dorminy IV-B-a, diameter 4088 km

Dorminy IV-C
Type: LithicGelidian
Diameter: originally 17908 km (now partially dismantled to construct orbital habitats)

Colonised 7010 AT by NoCoZo franchise exploration craft. Both Dorminy IV-B (a Mars-like world) and Dorminy IV-B-a (its large moon) have been terraformed. This system is the hub of the 3033 Free Zone.

Dorminy IV-C, an icy outer system world, has been partially dismantled to build habitats and computronium nodes for the Institute of Applied and Theoretical Memetics.

Dorminy IV-C Radwin-Ho Orbital Band is famous as the home of the hyperturing author/artist Seroz 12, creator of bAdmod.

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Initially published on 09 October 2001.