Diamond Light, The Orthodox
Name given to a conservative revival of the early Diamond Light ahuman ai civilization that emerged in several red dwarf matrioshkas in the outer Crucis Corridor, during the 6800s.

They had reasonably good relations with the Cyberian Clade Virtual Gibson, but have little to do with the rest of the universe, being fairly insular. Since the disappearance of the Gibsons they have been even more solipsistic. There is no certainty they even all belong to the same civilization, since there are no wormhole links connecting them to each other or to the rest of the universe, and the Vastening effect would have resulted in a serious slow-fast differential between the various subcomponents.

Despite the signature of highly developed blue goo fortifications and magmatterworks, the matrioshkas are non-aggressive (unless attacked) and non-expansionistic. It is believed that the original Orthodox Diamond Light was overthrown by several daughter clades during the 8400s. Recently the TRHN ISO Questings for Eternity had minor success in opening communication channels with one of the matrioshkas, and compiled some interesting (and biont-inscrutable) databases on the basis of exchanged information, but this was never followed up when Questings for Eternity left known space.
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    Minor post-ComEmp Cyberian fastime clade found throughout the Known Net. Achieved brief fame when they established a trade pact with The Orthodox Diamond Light in 6932. They had a complex cybertheology, which involves the "giving of data" by virchdeities. It was claimed that some of their members are original infomorphs (or copies thereof) of the some of the original Interplanetary Age gibson sect, but this has never been reliably confirmed. Nothing has been heard of them since the "Case Manifesto" of 7612.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 October 2001.