Heretical Negentropist philosopher, theologian, economist, mathematician, artist, poet, pozenist, and heretic of unknown toposophic (agreed to be 1.2< SI: < 3.2) , wanted by AIMHEM for memetic subversion and the dissemination of themes contrary to the Axioms, or to Negentropy Alliance memetic and foreign policy in general.

Real and virtual polities Dgii144 has frequented include Nuicorona, Turing's SubQuantum Dot, Javice Computronium Banks, Harri Ho, Godel's Revenge, and Benisol Star. Significantly, on several occasions when capture seemed immanent, a high toposophic avatar of the Judge intervened in some nearby and seemingly unrelated matter, which nevertheless disrupted the search. Some of Dgii144's more conservative supporters, such as the Dgii144ian Axiomatic Churchphyle (a small and eccentric clade pf heterodox Negentropists) see this as proof that Dgii144 in fact serves the True Axioms, and it is AIMHEM and the current leadership cronies that are entropic, but this view is not held in respectable circles, as it has been shown by a commission of high S minds that the Judge's business was unrelated. In any case, Dgii144's current whereabouts, or even if e is still in existence, is unknown, and there are no known Copies or Avatars of em in or near the Nexus at this time, nor have any been sighted in the last 800 years.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 October 2001.