Devil's Rose

Carnivorous xenobiotic plant

Devil's Rose
Image from Steve Bowers
In appearance resembles a large Terran rose with thinner, more triangular multicolored petals. The flower of the plant is large with a white centre shading to violet toward the edges. Its smell is generally considered extremely pleasant by terragens. On its homeworld the Devil's Rose uses its scent to attract insect equivalents. When they crawl into the flower to extract nectar the trap is set. The petals of the flower are covered with extremely small cells that function much like the stinger cells on a jelly fish's tentacles. At the same time that the prey is being paralyzed by the stings, the petals of the flower contract around it and hold it. Digestive enzymes are injected into the resulting contained space and the prey is dissolved and absorbed.

Note: The venom of both these lifeforms could very well be effective against terragens lifeforms due to venom working as a chemical reaction. The venom of most terrestrial animals is effective against nearly all other lifeforms on the planet even if they didn't evolve in proximity to each other. Of course if the creature tried to consume a terragens, it might very well poison itself.
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Development Notes
Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 30 November 2001.