Goo, Black (Disassembler Swarm)

Disassembler Swarm
Image from Steve Bowers

Goo specifically designed to break target materials into components. This may be for the relatively benign purpose of creating feedstock, or it may be used in a hostile action (in which case the Black Goo is, or is a component of, Red Goo or Khaki Goo). Applied outside of an industrial setting, Black Goo breaks down infrastructure and personnel, and may be part of a scorched earth policy. Where it can exploit a chemical gradient (for instance diamondoid or organic material in an oxygen-bearing atmosphere) Black Goo is particularly effective. Otherwise it is dependent on energy borne in the original units, and quickly 'runs out of steam' unless new energy is beamed to the site.

'Black Goo' is sometimes used, by analogy, as a descriptor for destructive social action, in particular disassembly and appropriation of the living spaces, tools, food, or permissions and rights of other beings.

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Development Notes
Text by John B and Steve Bowers
amended by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 31 December 2004.

Revised 28 August 2015