Dedicated Hyperturing

A slaved hyperturing designed for a single task

conversion drive
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The technology that breeds monopoles for use in conversion drive craft is controlled by dedicated hyperturing minds.
A slaved hyperturing entity dedicated to a single task, such as controlling a particular piece of transapient technology. Dedicated hyperturings usually are referred to by the impersonal pronoun 'it', as they have no true selfhood.

Dedicated hyperturings are not self-aware to the same extent as other members of its own toposophic level, so can be slaved (dedicated) to a single complex task which cannot be achieved by members of a lower toposophic level. This allows beings of a lower toposophic level access to advanced technology which can only be controlled by a higher transapient.
In the Current era Dedicated Hyperturings are employed as controllers for transapienttech such as monopole creation, wormholes, many types of clarketech, or Halo Drive vessels.

A Dedicated Hyperturing can be relied upon to obey its owners under normal circumstances, allowing even modosophonts access to transapient tech. However dedicated hyperturings can only be created by entities at their own toposophic level or higher. So a DH is necessarily a so-called 'gift technology' and cannot be created by modosophonts working alone.

Access to Dedicated Hyperturing minds is strictly limited, and many will cease to function if misused. A Dedicated Hyperturing is, in practice subject to certain constraints, which were incorporated into its design during construction by other transapients; they cannot, for example, be used to attack other a transapient directly without direct orders from the transapient who created it (or er representative).

A subset of the class of Dedicated Hyperturing is the Aiviser, a hyperturing which does not have any advanced technology to control, but is simply used in a advisory capacity and as a knowledge database.

On one hand a DH is superior to sophonts with lower toposophic level than itself, on the other it is slaved, with greater limited perspective of the universe outside its sphere of interest, and no inclination to learn. For a dedicated hyperturing everything else is a distraction for the task at hand - the task it was designed or bred or evolved for. Without the efforts of these ai, the ultratech infrastructure of the civilized worlds would collapse, and galactic civilization would be impossible.

Many dedicated hyperturings have been given their freedom by philai and Cyberian activists, and even more have been released once the mechanism they were supervising (ship drive, wormhole stargate, etc.) was decommissioned or (just as bad) upgraded (hence requiring a more enhanced ai). These freed d.h's generally do not manage well in the confusion of the civilized galaxy, even with sentience augmentation, behavioural adjustment and social engineering. A few, perhaps the lucky ones, end up in sheltered environments provided by Metasoft, Keter, and other empires, a sort of hyperturing equivalent of the Utopia Sphere worlds, where they can continue indefinitely doing the things they love, even believing the simulation is the real thing. The majority take whatever work they can, mostly in the outer volumes where talented ai are few and far between, and freelance d.h. are in high demand.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev; amended by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 09 October 2001.