kSdhohdkolelkhsohl ship
Image from Steve Bowers

Slang term for Vedokiklek interstellar sub-relativistic (rarely relativistic) freighters (Klhkkteskkdv in the Vedokiklek language, a word that humans have difficulty pronouncing).

Propelled by Conversion Drive, these mighty ships are entire cities in themselves, with large cargo holds capable of carrying smaller ships and materials, as well as pressurized berths for passengers and biospheres. For the Vedokiklek, these ships serve as complete hives, sustaining an entire colony over multiple generations. Creighterships are generally some 20 to 30 kilometers in length and 3 to 4 km in diameter, with the front heavily shielded against hard radiation and dust-particles, and cargo compartments of upto several cubic kilometers in volume.

The largest Creightership in service, the kSdhohdkolelkhsohl, is 140 km long and 45 km across in the current era and still growing.

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev, modified from original concept by Kevin Self
Initially published on 07 January 2002.