Cooling, bioborg
Bioborgs that use high-speed information processing or other augments face metabolic problems that need to be addressed if they are function or have a viable existence. Short of rebuilding the entire person which may be cost prohibitive or not an option for aesthetic or cultural reasons, any modifications need to have strict excess heat limits because if they raise the host body temperature say 3-5 degrees the host will be walking around like it has a bad flu, suffer dehydration etc. Slightly hotter than that and the brain will start suffering damage. And at 50 degrees the body would start to die unless it's been heavily modified.

Among the various solutions used with good effect are biogrown or hylo-added radiator fins, sails, and anchors, or hylotech oxygenators/blood coolers located at and anchored to the base of the skull. While these won't work well in exceedingly hot environments, nor (in the case of oxygenators) in dusty ones, they do help take the edge off in many situations.
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Text by Brian McKinley, John B, and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 September 2001.