Combat Threads
[1] Separate aspects of a war or conflict. In ancient times combat threads had simple breakdowns: propaganda, espionage, infantry, nuclear escalation, etc. After the rise and advent of high S level AIs and archailects combat threads grew more complex including subtler memetic threads (in place of previous cruder propaganda), mathematical problem solution threads, enemy database hacking, biomorph development, nano-arms race, etc.

In general a conflict can have as many or as few different types of threads as the combatants agree to or can think of. However when one side adopts a thread the other side is usually forced to adopt a similar thread or counter-thread, otherwise the other side is at an increasingly strategic and tactical disadvantage.

A common tactic among AIs of different S levels is "Combat thread maximization". Through this tactic the AI with more processing power briefly increases the number of combat threads it is applying until the number of threads is greater than the number that lower processing AI can counter. Such spikes in combat thread escalation are usually relatively short in duration and in most cases insure a speedy victory.

[2] A modosophont term for military fatigues or any clothing which appears functional or appropriate to armed conflict.

[3] A colloquial term used in some areas in reference to weapons or defensive materials with an extremely high length to diameter ratio. Most often associated with high strength mono-filament of various types, but occasionally with reference to "sticky strands", goo strands, or other combat related materials of an elongated nature.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 31 December 2007.