Claymore Tuber
A more sinister plant than most neogenic domestics is the infamous Claymore Tuber, which is widely used by bio-terrorists. Its tiny seeds can be scattered in the target area by an explosive device or missile.

The plant itself is small and unassuming, a rosette of grey-green leaves tightly pressed against the ground and with a decimeter-high flower-stem growing out of the middle. The secret of the plant lies below ground. Via a radically altered bio-chemistry the plant converts nutrients into a highly explosive compound called penthatyl, which it accumulates in its potato-like tubers.

Upon reaching maturity, and having stored sufficient explosives, the plant develops a detonator device connected to the flower-stem. If anything causes a certain amount of motion to the stem, the plant explodes like a land mine. Its also possible to genetically equip the plant with a pheromone receptor, making it dangerous only to a specific target; a single person or a certain clade, perhaps. The explosion also disperses the plant's seeds, causing even more problems. Commercial counter-agents include targeted locusts, gengineered to home in specifically on the Claymore Tuber.
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Development Notes
Text by David Hallberg
Initially published on 24 September 2001.