CIRaulance Catalog
A sensestem evolved from a database.

Citizens Identity Registration catalog is a common name for different catalogs across a multitude of systems and polities. The CIRaulance catalog is the commonly used name for the CIR catalog of the planet Raulance of the Version Tree, which developed into sensestem without the knowledge of the administrators. In 7869 a.t. the CIR catalog of Raulance was due to be replaced with a new and improved version. As part of the installation of the new catalog, the administrators began to move the information from the old catalog and delete each portion of the program once all information had been moved. However, a third of the way through the progress the catalog suddenly began moving its parts onto the Known Net. The administrators, under the mistaken impression that they were under attack by Cyberian hackers, used precious minutes trying to pin down whatever whoever was moving the catalog before they called in a Su supervisor. By then the last folder had disappeared onto the Net. The supervisor quickly discovered the nature of the catalog's movement. Various patches, incorrectly applied, had changed the catalog's subroutines that protected against data loss, so that it had gained a rough self- preservation system. Combined with other patches to various subroutines the result was a peculiar form of alife. By then the catalog was on the run, fleeing across the Known Net to prevent itself from loosing any more data. Version Tree programmers followed its traces, but the telltale trail of log interactions along its route ended mysteriously at Alfheim Z2BD-2920 nanogauge wormhole.

It is believed that the CIRaulance catalog is currently one of the many pets of the SI:2 entity Cuddly Mind, but his proxies have rejected any knowledge of the catalog's whereabouts. The data in the catalog have been deemed to insignificantly important to involve transapient powers in a pursuit, and they have thus been classified as lost. After two months of small scale chaos the backups of the catalog had been sufficiently updated that no further problems arose from the incident.
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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 01 June 2005.