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Chimpanzees are a species of ape originally indigenous to Africa, Old Earth, where they lived in equatorial rainforests.

They typically had black or pink skin, and black hair, and weighed about 45 kilograms as adults, with males massing larger than females. Chimpanzees were omnivorous, and lived in small communities of 40 to 80 individuals. Within the community's home range they wandered in mixed groups of up to 6 individuals, but the entire community might gather on occasion. Males were dominant within the community. Chimpanzees were closely related to bonobos and to humans. They became extinct in the wild due to poaching and habitat destruction during the early Information Age, but were maintained in breeding colonies. They were successfully provolved during the late Information Age. One of the better-known chimp-derived clades is that of the Greater Superchimps. Many other clades are known (see Sapientchimpanzees). As with other apes, it is thought that GAIA may have lazurogened the baseline species, even though there have been no unambiguous sightings by pilgrims to Old Earth. The largest confirmed "wild" populations of chimpanzees are found at Ao Lai.
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