Channeling, Mediumistic
A method by which receptive individuals claim to be able to tap into what they and others around them claim to be a higher spiritual being or beings which can then communicate ("channel") through them, giving moral and metaphysical teachings

Channeling goes back some thirteen thousand years or more to Bronze Age Old Earth and can be seen in the revelations of many ancient religions. It is still common and popular among some sentients of mystical bent. Then as now, teachings tend to be turgid, verbose, and more often traceable to the channeler's own subconscious, although there have been many reports - mostly unverified, but a few apparently genuine and synchronicitous - instances of knowledge the medium could not have known, teachings of profundity beyond what would be expected from the ability of the channeler, information and advice regarding personal matters and the listener, and so on. While some of these phenomena can be traceable to pranks or side-effects from higher toposophic beings, a few remain unexplained. Esotericists claim these relatively rare genuine experiences are strong arguments in favor of metaphysical planes of existence, but skeptics remain unconvinced.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 September 2001.