Daemons of Sidene
The Daemons of Sidene
Image from Steve Bowers
The four Daemon battlecruisers, surrounded by a cloud of microfighters, as seen by a passive sensor outpost shortly before the ships attacked
In 9923, the Sidene system, located in the Periphery, fell victim to a fleet of relatively advanced ultratech warships. For several years this was the extent of knowledge on the subject, but in 9948 another system, Adice, was attacked and managed to send information to other systems. The local powers have pieced together what they can.

The fleet is composed of four ships roughly equivalent to battlecruiser class - this alone being enough to overcome the defences of most Outer Volumes systems. While nanotech- and some magmatter-based technology is definitely present in these ships, their ownership of advanced clarketech remains a speculation - hopefully, it is no more than speculation.

Each of the ships seems capable of deploying 50 million microfighters. Why they would use microfighters, rather than sporetech or other less detectable weapons, is unknown. Some commentators have hazarded a guess that the purpose is visibility: they want their victims to see them coming - in short it is a terror tactic. These microfighters conduct most of the combat, but it has been confirmed that the battlecruisers are heavily armed themselves.

As to their origins and motives, little is known. Most observers call these mysterious craft the Daemons of Sidene, but where they came from originally is unclear. Ideas concerning the Daemons' origins include their being the Dawn Hunters, Immanentization Crusaders, or an outbreak of the Chaos.

Currently, the local governments are trying to form a response to the ships. Much pressure is being put on the Gayomart Protectorate, the most advanced local power, to do something. The ruling Transapient of the Protectorate (known as the Raylen), has not made public any plans, and has in fact remained utterly silent about the events.
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Text by James Ward
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Initially published on 09 October 2001.